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Evergreen was founded on a simple principle: A successful digital campaign requires thoughtful political strategy combined with targeted buying and creative content.

Too many digital campaigns are siloed, with buyers, political strategists and content developers working separately. Evergreen’s approach is unique in that we have experts in each area working together to create a seamless campaign. This allows us to develop strategies that always put your campaign goals first. For us, the question will never be, how many impressions did this get, but are we moving voters, raising money, or achieving your goals.  


Patrick Brown

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A campaign expert with more than a decade of experience, Patrick has managed and advised campaigns at every level of the ballot throughout the country. He founded Evergreen Strategies after serving as the senior director of federal and gubernatorial campaigns at EMILY’s List, where he led the team responsible for recruiting and supporting women candidates across the country. In 2018, his team recruited women to run in 100 competitive U.S. House races, 10 gubernatorial races and the only two Democratic pick-ups in the Senate. In 2016, he led the team responsible for electing four new U.S. Senators and eight new women to the U.S. House. This success included quadrupling the number of women of color in the Senate and electing the first Latina to the chamber.


He previously served as the Midwest political director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and managed several high-profile Congressional races, including the successful 2012 campaign for Rep. Cheri Bustos (IL-17) and the campaign for Rep. Bill Foster (IL-11), who defeated a long time, popular incumbent in the Chicago suburbs.


Winding Road
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Nicole brings more than a decade of experience in digital campaigns to Evergreen Partners. In

2018, she built Indivisible’s digital program and online storytelling program that raised $4.5

million from small-dollar donors and recruited more than 10,000 volunteers nationally. She

also oversaw Indivisible’s five independent expenditure advertising programs in support of

key endorsed House candidates.

Nicole’s experience lives at the intersection of communications and organizing,

understanding that they are inextricably linked. She built the successful digital campaigns

programs at Center for Popular Democracy and Story of Stuff from the ground up. She’s also

run and won campaigns at Reform Immigration FOR America and

Nicole Cairns

Previously a Senior Strategist at Trilogy and a Co-founder and Partner at the Clarify Agency,

his digital clients have included: Senator Byron Dorgan, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Tom

Udall, Governor John Hickenlooper, Representative Scott Peters, Mayor Mitch Landrieu, A

Better Minnesota, the California Democratic Party, Washington United for Marriage, CREDO,

Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and many, many more.

Steve Olson

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